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pettyjogn pettydriveIn Albany, Oregon you’ll find an effects builder that has more on their mind than electronics. A builder that is growing a business centered around improving their community as they grow and expand their pedal line. The builder is Pettyjohn Electronics and according to their website their goal is to build a ‘culture upon [their] endeavor to live out what [they] believe in [their] day to day business being a people of faith.’ It’s a company that obviously has a stake in their local community and the community they’ve created through the musicians and artists they’ve come in contact with throughout the years. There are other effects builders out there with goals and missions that benefit their community, but seldom do we see them so well explained on their ‘About’ page.

Beyond the mission to improve the lives of those they come in contact with, the Pettyjohn crew also have an eye towards creating electronics that people want on their board. The whole idea behind their business is to use analog technology in new, modern ways. New tones for the musicians of tomorrow. Up until now they had just one pedal in their production line – the Predrive (it comes in both the standard version and the handwired version). Now, however, they have announced a new member to their family – the PettyDrive (again, both the standard and Deluxe version).

According to their site, the PettyDrive is, “is a studio-grade dual-channel analog overdrive pedal engineered to deliver the powerful tone and dynamic feel of boutique tube amps pushed to the edge of breakup. Each of the two fully independent channels are uniquely voiced to compliment each other and provide a wide range of sounds that range from thick, saturated American iron and growl to harmonically-rich British-like chime. Only the highest possible quality audiophile components are used to ensure the lowest noise, years of reliability and the most articulate tone possible. The PettyDrive is a serious Tool for Tone, built for the modern working guitarist in mind with a balance of advanced tone shaping features, general ease-of-use and tone that truly inspires.”

In terms of features, the PettyDrive has many. To start out with, it has a chime channel, which has a full-range of low-gain boost and overdrive to play with. The Iron Channel gives you everything you need in a great, drive channel leaving out all the noise and muck that sometimes comes along with that. What makes this pedal unique is the Parallel Effect Loop that works on the Iron Channel. They describe it like this:

“When engaged it activates the send and return jacks on the back and converts the Clean Mix knob to a Parallel Mix Level knob! Any pedals you put in the parallel effects loop receive the clean signal as it is before it goes into the overdrive circuit of Channel 2. Because this loop bypasses the drive engine, it creates an opportunity to feed pedals with a clean signal that would normally get an overdriven signal down line. You may be surprised by how many of your pedals interact differently and it creates endless new ways of re-discovering your gear and creating never-before heard tones as you experiment with other drives, boosts, reverbs and delays and modulation pedals in the loop”

Sounds like some really cool features from a builder with some big goals inside and outside the office. Check out their effects, let us know if you own any of these boxes at Pedal Finder and check out this video of the PettyDrive below:




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