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bleep labsI have to admit, sometimes I feel like I’m way out of the loop despite my best efforts. Over the last few months, I’ve been reading and preparing for my first foray into building a fuzz pedal. I’ve run across lots of sites explaining the various components and selling them like, General Guitar Gadgets, Build Your Own Clone and Mammoth Electronics. Looking at forums is a great place to learn a ton of information and it’s also a great place to give your self a panic attack as you begin to realize that on one hand it could take years to learn even the basics and on the other hand, how the monkey have so many individuals managed to put their heads down long enough to come up with a unique effects pedal, much less take the time to build a logo for their new garage-based company.

There are hundreds of builders all doing great work out there, all around the globe! Tweaking this and turning that. Giving it more power, less power – variable power! Mutli-effects builders stuffing high-end electronics into small boxes and couldn’t-care-less-about-the-size-off-your-pedalboard builders making simple effects in massive enclosures (you know who you are!). I know in my head that all of these great builders started out basically the same way, with a love for electronics and a desire to build something not only cool, but useful.  But, the fact is, circuit design is daunting. Soldering is daunting. Heck, even buying and understanding components and can give even the most die hard newbie a headache. That’s why I was excited when I stumbled across Bleep Labs.

Before I go any further – just watch this demonstration of the Rad-Fi Kit:

This kit is a collection of synthesizer and effects kits. Each kit works with the other, meaning they are all interchangeable so you can experiment. For those with some experience behind them, you might not be that impressed with a bread board of effects. But, if you don’t have several years under your belt digging in the guts of effects pedals, then the Rad-FI system is pretty damn cool.  BTW, the box next to the Rad-Fi system is the Bleep Drum: a Rad-fi drum machine with sequencer, pitch-adjustable samples, and MIDI.

And that’s not all Bleep Labs has. They have a whole store filled with super-cool electronics. The latest to come out of this shop is the Delaydelus. Again, words don’t really do this device justice. Take a listen:

Check out this site and let us know what you think. I’d especially like to hear if anyone has played with or owned one of these devices. And, if your looking for some other devices that are able to crate some of these sounds that are already built – come on over to Pedal Finder and we’ll help you out!

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