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effects builders that start with ySometimes you just have to post about something random to bring order into your life. We decided a while ago that we would spend the next few years sifting backwards through the alphabet to briefly profile some builders that start with the letter of the day. We already managed to knock out Builders that Start With ‘Z’ a few months back and as the sobriety test tells us (for those who passed) the next letter is ‘Y’.

Like ‘Z’, there aren’t a huge pack of builders that decided to name their company starting with the letter ‘Y’, so if you know of one we missed, by all means, jump in and let me know. This exercise is just as much about learning as it is about telling. So don’t be shy, speak up. But, be nice. Our list for ‘Y’ only has 4 builders. This is the list.

Yamahayamaha logo

We’d be hard pressed to find a person who hasn’t heard of Yamaha. And, for good reason. The Japanese company started in 1887 as a piano and organ builder by a fellow named Torakusu Yamaha. Throughout the years, Yamaha has grown and merged with various companies and now they predominantly make musical instruments, electronics, motorcycles and power sports equipment. In fact, they are the largest producer of musical instruments in the world.

Yamaha obviously has a nearly infinite amount of money and talent to create all the effects they could ever want, but surprisingly, much of their efforts have centered on effects racks, mixers, PA systems, guitars and keyboards. Trying to find a comprehensive list of pedals online is akin to that of a archeologist trying to find the existence of feathers on dinosaurs. Your pretty sure they exist, but it’s hard to find evidence.

But, you can always rely on the Effects Database to come up with the goods. Check out their page that is filled with vintage Yamaha gear from the Yamaha PSE Series, the Yamaha PSE-40 Modular Effects Category, the Yamaha Series 10 and the Yamaha Series 100. And we’ll do our best to get those pedals into our own database for you to review.

yellowcake reviewsYellowcake

We actually wrote about Yellowcake back in March of this year. The owner’s name is Ryan McCay and he has two really fun pedals out on the market at this time. The Furry Burrito is an overdrive pedal with tones ranging from a nice, warm overdrive to a saturated fuzz/gain that produces ‘Big-Muff’ like sustain. The other, more recent pedal is the Fried Gold. This is a “straight forward overdrive that goes from mild to approaching that blown out territory of almost fuzz-ish sound. Designed to complement the front end tube amp, while capable of mixing wonderfully with the dirty channel to get that extra punch and grit.” Lots of attention to detail in both the presentation and the build. Check out Ryan’s wares and keep an eye out for future offerings.

yerasov logoYerasov

Yerasov is a builder out of Russia that has multiple lines of effects pedals ready for public consumption. The man behind the company is Alexander Yerasov, whose passion for electronics started at a very young age via a father whose job it was to supervise movie theaters in the region. Back then, the sound systems in movie theaters used tube driven amplifiers. Alexander became hooked on the technology and began to create amplifiers for musicians. He never stopped.

Like many builders, amplifiers turned to effects and other electronic products. Yerasov currently makes 5 lines of pedals SCS (single sized enclosures), PreAmps (in circular enclosures), Insect (in double sized enclosures) and High Voltage and Classic. This is a huge collection of original and variant circuits to mull over. Very cool stuff.

young pedal company logoYoung Pedal Company

Not sure about the current status of Young Pedal Co. The owner/operator is Marcus Young and from the picture on the website, it appears he was very much so at the time. His mission statement reads, “The Young Pedal Company…seeks to innovate in analog signal processing design.” They offer(ed) -their site says, “ALL PEDALS ARE OUT OF STOCK” – custom effects pedals, analog delay calibration and repair, general effects and amplifier repair and effects pedal design. The aesthetic of the website and the pedals are, interestingly enough, one of youth and happiness. Yellows and orange with hand drawn graphics an bubble letters can only mean one thing: let’s have fun and make music.

Looking around at their FB page you can find a number of people asking if they’ll ever get a chance to purchase one of the three pedals currently in the line: The Looker (optical tremolo), the ADM-600 Analog Delay and the The Time Stop (700ms Analog Delay). If you have people wondering about your product well after you have stopped producing them, then I guess you win in the end. Perhaps someone out there knows more. If you do – let us know. These seem like awesome pedals.

So that’s a quick trip through some of the pedal builders whose name starts with Y. From the massive multinational corporation that is Yamaha to the one man crew like Young Pedals. Regardless of how big or small your organization is – we want to hear more about your effects. So let us know what we missed or fill in some of the blanks. Until then…



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