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The Dunes ReviewIt was 2014 and the folks at Earthquaker Devices had done something they said they never would. They created an overdrive based on the TS808 – that classically copied circuit beloved by everyone. No one could say there weren’t enough clones of the TS808 on the market. No one could even say that there weren’t enough variants of the TS808 on the market. But, what you could say was that EarthQuaker hadn’t tried their hand at its own rendition of the classic. When they did – no one was complaining.

Their version – the Palisades – is a completely versatile take on the TS808 sound. In a double sized enclosure the Palisades boasts, “6 different clipping voices, 5 bandwidth settings and 2 gain channels.” Obviously with this much control you are going to find something in the settings that bend your ear. The clipping voices that they talk about determine the transparency of the tone: open, tight, crunchy. According to EQD the most important control on this dual channeled box is the bandwidth – which sets, “frequency response of the distortion and goes from thin, light and clean through fat heavy and crunchy.”

This year at Summer NAMM, the good folks over at EQD came out with a variant of their variant. They call it The Dunes and it’s a mini version of the Palisades. Less knobs, less to fuss with, but all the control you need to hone in on the perfect overdrive you’re looking for. This is how they lay it out online:

The Dunes is a condensed version of our highly popular Palisades; a heavily featured take on the classic 808 overdrive. It features the same Gain, Tone and Level controls along with our favorite voice and bandwidth settings as well as the “Normal/Bright” toggle. The selectable voices are: “MOSFET” for a tight crunchy sound (Setting 3 on the Palisades), “Silicon” for the classic 808 sound (Setting 5 on the Palisades) and “None” which goes from clean boost to gritty, pure opamp distortion with a massive volume boost (Setting 1 on the Palisades). The two bandwidth settings are “stock” for the classic tone (Setting 3 on the Palisades) and “full range” for more low end (Setting 5 on the Palisades). The Dunes has all the great tone of the big boy Palisades but with a simplified interface and a smaller footprint!

Sounds like a great new pedal to add to our list of options. Let us know if you get close enough to smell this effect and don’t hesitate to let everyone hear about your experience at Pedal Finder. Here’s a video with the rundown on The Dunes and some other EarthQuaker Devices.

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