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pig-hoof-not-mainElectronic Orange is a builder out of the Czech Republic that delves mostly into the world of high-end clones. Like a lot of builders they create their effects by hand doing the wiring one solder joint at a time. According to their site, “almost all our designs are based on well known, antique guitar pedals that have been popular in 60’s and 70’s. Since those vintage beauties are kind of hard to reach these days – unless you want to pay a fortune – we provide a cheaper way to get the sound of 60’s.” That’s a noble cause, making great pedals cheaper for the masses. This coupled with their philosophy to “provide our customers with quality gear both sound-wise and craft-wise” makes them a compelling new addition to the Pedal Finder family. So what are their pedals like?

Their line includes 13 pedals:

Moon Vibe MkII: Uni-Vibe Clone

Pig Hoof: Big Muff Pi Clone

Pig Hoog MkII: Big Muff Ram’s Head Clone

Bananaboost: 18v Colorsound Power Boost Clone

Genuine Pig Face: Fuzz Face Clone

Birdie: Dallas Arbiter Rangemaster Clone

Superfuzz: Univox Superfuzz Clone

Jumbo Fuzz: Colorsound Champion Fuzz Clone

Filthy Maestro: MFZ-1 Clone

Dalek Attack: Maestro FZ-1s Clone

Spaghetti Wah: Real McCoy Clone (put in your own case!)

Screaming Treen: TS808 Clone


But, pedals aren’t the only item on their list of creative projects. Taking a look at their blog you quickly find that they work with other companies to help design electronic components and instruments. Case in point is the distant voices theremin. EO tells it on their blog like this: “Widara is a small Czech company that approached us with a request for a simple, one-pole antenna, rock stage theremin – the way we have known this magical instrument from Led Zeppelin concert clips. We have happily designed a retro unit that follows what they asked for. We are proudly announcing that Widara has recently brought the theremin to the market under a name Distant Voices Theremin. It is all soldered, wired and assembled by hand in the Czech Republic.”  It’s a really compact theremin unit with simple controls and it looks fun.

And, that’s what strikes me about Electronic Orange. They seem like a fun company putting out great clones. Let us know if you have anything from this builder at Pedal Finder. And here’s a demo of their Moon Vibe:


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