Source Audio Vertigo Tremolo

source audio reviewSource Audio released a new Tremolo – the Vertigo. It’s part of their Source Audio One Series. If you aren’t familiar with their One Series, these pedals all come with free Neuro Effects Editor Software. These are like smart pedals that you can fine tune with software. You can save your settings and upload them as you want. They even have an application for Android and iOS. And when they say you can micro-manage these pedals, they aren’t kidding. You can tweak equalization, add filtering and delay effects and adjust the parameters of individual effects as well. Lots of control.

The Vertigo is Source Audio’s first dedicated tremolo pedal. Your knob selection is well laid out and easy to understand with Depth, LFO Wave Shape, Output and Speed, but you can get a lot done by working with these controls. In addition to the controls, the Vertigo has three tremolo settings, Harmonic Tremolo (high and low frequency bouncer), standard AM and Bias Tremolo which gives you a ‘dirtier, swampy effect.’ These three settings can very widely when you start to mess with the shape knob that allows you to control the wave type (sine, square, saw tooth, etc.).

Like all of their Series One pedals, Source Audio put all their best ideas into the Vertigo and created an effect that opens up a world of possibilities for you. Give it a look and leave a review at Pedal Finder so we can all benefit from your new found knowledge. You can pick up the Vertigo on Amazon for $149.00 now.




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