Summer NAMM 2015: EHX Silencer

ehx silencer reviewsIf you are a fan of effects, then chances are good you actually play and instrument. And, if you play an instrument, chances are you aspire to play shows outside your living room/bedroom. And, since about 10 percent of all aspirations come true then that means that at least a few of you have dealt with the horrors of hums and static during a gig. You might have experienced this do to your own equipment failure or the failure of your local (or not so local) gigs ungrounded power source. There are pedals out there that help you tackle noise do to bad power supplies and even pedals that help reduce hum – like the Electro-Harmonix Humdebugger – a great choice for battling the static and hum. But, what about folks who suffer hum from high gain pedals. Well, turns out EHX has you covered as well.

For the record, EHX has already brought the world noise gates and silencers prior, but at Summer NAMM 2015 they introduced another version called the Silencer – a pedal that can eliminate noise from one pedal or an entire board. The pedal has three knobs: Release, Threshold and Reduction. The threashold controls how much level of noise is required to open the gate and let sound through. The Reduction regulates how much the gated signal is reduced. Finally, Release controls how long the gate remains open after the signal drops below the gated threshold. Pretty standard stuff, but gives you a huge playground to work with.

How about you? Do you battle with hum and static? Have any horror stories about gigs and noise. Let us all know. And, if you get close the silencer, don’t forget to leave a review at Pedal Finder.

Author: pedaladmin

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