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faith no moreFaith No More is on the road again, 26 years after their top ten hit ‘Epic’, stormed the radio in a rap/punk melange of half-finished lyrics and adolescent insights. When you read that you might be thinking that I wasn’t a fan, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. The guttural wail of lead singer Mike Patton wove perfectly into the rhythmic cacophony that Faith No More put forth in the form of music. But, the best part to every song always came with the chorus, when the band would come together to throw the knockout punch that often resulted in an anthem-esque rejoinder to the unasked questions brought forth by the rest of the world. Yes, we did want it all. No, we couldn’t have it.

The bands lineup has changed here and there but the members that have remained, manage to hold on to what made Faith No More a unique, progressive (mainstream) purveyor of rock and roll with a twist. Alternative?  At the time, but falling somewhere in between ‘120 Minutes’ and ‘Headbangers Ball.’ Oddly intriguing and fascinating, while at the same time wholly digestible by music’s commercial standards. This is a band that has many fingers, in many genre jars.

Jon Hudson jumped onto the Faith No More crazy train in 1996 as guitarist, blending his own ideas into the band, while bringing the old school FNM sound along on tour. Today we found a posting of Hudson’s pedalboard on Pinterest. The post is from 2015, we think the pedalboard is from around that time as well based on other pictures. Regardless, we wanted to share.


jon hudson pedalbaord review

Top Row From Left

Korg Pitchback Chromatic Tuner

MXR M135 Smart Gate Pedal

Boss GE-7 Equalizer Pedal

MXR 6-band Equalizer

Wah (unknown type)

Bottom Row

Unknown Pedal

EHX Holy Grail Nano

TC Electronic Nova Delay

Marshall (not sure which one)

Unknown Pedal

Let us know if you can identify any of these pedals we can’t – in the comments below. We’d love to know what they all are. And, if you own any of these, let us know that as well. You know where!





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  1. I think the wah is a CAE (Custom Audio Electronics) Dual Fasel CAE Wah-MC404. Certainly looks like one anyway.

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  2. Hey – C’mon – The Wah is the Dunlop CAE (Bob Bradshaw). A bunch of features – My favorite Wah. Thanks – JB

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