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magnetic effects double feature reviewIt was last April when we talked about London builder Magnetic Effects. At the time they had just presented the world their Solar Bender “a clone of the famous Tonebender MK II complete with NOS PNP germanium transistors and Reverse Polarity Circuit.”  Their take on this classic pedal also came with a bias knob that allowed you to micro-tune the germanium transistors. This would give you the ability to compensate for heat or let you intentionally bring the transistors out of bias to go into the more experimental tones that unmatched pairs can bring. Regardless, it is a great pedal and absolutely worth checking out if you are in the market.

Today I found out that they have a new design on one of their previous pedals on the market: the Double Feature. By the name you can figure that it’s a paired effects concept and you are right. This is a combo pedal with Fuzz and Wah circuits that allows you to separately control the fuzz and filter aspects of the pedal. Here is what they say about the fuzz side of their masterpiece:

The Fuzz side of the pedal features a raunchy, original design fuzz that is powered by a pair of stable vintage Russian germanium transistors which are driven into fuzz by a specially selected and slew rate limited opamp. The result is a loud, fantastic fuzz with plenty of output volume and sustain. Volume, Tone and Gain controls offer plenty of pleasing tonal flexibility.

The fuzz circuit has an input with high impedance and a low output impedance so it plays nicely with others in the chain. Well thought out.

The fixed wah side of the pedal is just that a wah filter circuit that doesn’t move once set. Lot’s of vintage pedals would incorporate a fixed wah sound into their tone. This tone wasn’t controlled by the traditional pedal to capture the sound of the 70’s we all love (hate) so much. They also call it a ‘parked’ wah, because it’s the same as turning on your Wah and leaving it in one position while you play. It’s a simple, but nice addition to a pedal with an original fuzz circuit that promises to be dirty and raunchy.

Let us know if you get close to this pedal. If you do, leave a review at Pedal Finder so we can all benefit. Here’s a demo of the Magnetic Effects Double feature:




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