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piod what you want 2Aleksey Malyshok is the founder of the Ukrainian pedal effects builder: Piod Effects.  This builder started out in 2009 as sole owner/builder. As with most businesses that deliver high quality goods that move customers, Piod grew. Since 2013, Piod has had a team of folks working to produce effects. One of the neat things they state on their website is that they test their pedals through a number of different amps including high end jobbers in the Marshall and MESA line, as well as the more economy amps like the Crush PiX CR20L or the Blackstar HT-20 Studio. Trying the pedals out on different amps reminds me of my first recording experience. After the rough mix-down was completed we listened to it in the studio and it sounded great. But, then the engineer put it on a disc and told me to go listen to it in my car on my crappy speakers. Discovering what something sounds like in a variety of real world conditions is a good way to go about developing tones.

Piod Effects has two pedals in their line. The originals were called the What You Want and the What You Want Micro. Their latest revision to these pedals are called the What You Want 2 and the What You Want Two Micro. According to their site the WYW2 is a

clear and natural distortion/preamp pedal. This is a mid- to high-gain pedal, powerful and natural, like a tube amp. It is a very touch-sensitive and focused pedal, preserving top end clarity even at high-gain levels. It was designed for rock, metal, fast riffs, and chords. What You Want 2 features a unique analog circuit design based on emulation of tube amplifiers, reproducing the sonic structure of natural tube distortion.

It’s really a pedal that is designed to preserve clarity and definition at all gain levels.

Again, here are the specifications from their website:


  • Mid to High gain.
  • Natural tube amp sounding. No doide clipping stages.
  • Focused & touch-sensitive, readable chords without dust on tops.
  • Simulated Output.
  • 500 and 700 Hz notch mid frequency centre.
  • Low level of audio noise. Noise friendly with DC adapters (but recomended to use the regulatetd).
  • No battery supply. Reverse polarity protection


Let us know what you know about Piod effects. They have a great, active FB page so check that out if you want to stay up to date with whats going on in their world. Leave a review at Pedal Finder if you have one of their pedals or leave a comment below. Excited to have this builder in the Pedal Finder Catalog! Here’s a demo of the WYW2:


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