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red panda labYesterday we posted a really fun interview with Aditya Nandwana from Animal Factory Amplification. As with most our interviews, our interest isn’t solely to hash out the gory behind the scenes details of how ideas become reality. We also want to get a glimpse into who the person is behind the effects. Often this reveals more than straight forward questions about process and goals. One of the questions we put forward to Aditya was, ‘Are there any pedals out there from other manufacturers that you’ve played and thought, “I wish I’d made this?”’ One of the pedals he mentioned was the Raster by Red Panda, which he described as “THE most intense pedal experience of my life.” We’d actually knew of Red Panda, but were surprised to find out that they were not in the Pedal Finder catalog. We’ll, they are now!

If you don’t already know, Red Panda is located in the Motor City – Detroit Michigan. More specifically, their workshop is at the Green Garage in Midtown, a 1920 building that was once a showroom for model T-based automobiles. I’m mentioning this because the Green Garage is this cool co-working community that helps foster innovation in businesses. According to their website, “The Green Garage is home to a sustainable coworking community of more than 50 small, growing, and established businesses.” They all work together to learn and grow their bottom line. It’s a very cool approach to getting business done and I’d love to learn more about the effects this space has had on Red Panda.

Perhaps this space is partially responsible for the effects Red Panda has put out. Or perhaps its their belief that and effects pedal should do one thing and do it extremely well. A pedal should give extreme flexibility and deep control to the user in order to achieve the best tone possible. Or perhaps its a combination of both.

There are currently 4 boxes in their line (descriptions are from their site):

Raster: The Raster is a digital delay with a pitch shifter integrated into the feedback loop. It delivers a wide range of sounds including harmonized delays, reverse delays, chorus, arpeggios, infinite red panda rasterdescents, chaotic self-oscillation, and continuously evolving soundscapes.

Context: The Context provides classic reverb sounds to place your instrument in a room, hall, cathedral, metal plate, or less natural surroundings. All of the algorithms are adjustable so that you can get the right combination of pre-delay, reverb time, and frequency response. The plate algorithm gives you control over low- and high-frequency response for crisp, defined reverb even with bass instruments. Gated reverb gives you big booming drums from the 1980’s, but is also great for adding power to guitar while maintaining transparency and space between notes. Finally, there is delay plus reverb for that versatile combination in a single pedal.

Particle: The Particle is a granular delay / pitch shifting pedal. It chops your signal into small grains and then does various strange, trippy, robot things to it, using the techniques of granular synthesis in real time. Results range from radical pitch and delay modulation to shimmering repeats to stutter/glitch sounds.

Bitmap: The Bitmap is a bitcrusher with fractional bit reduction and sample rate modulation. A brand new bit crushing algorithm adds the warmth and grit of classic samplers, while reducing your signal from 24 bits down to 1 bit. An integrated noise gate is tuned to provide maximum sustain without sputtering on staccato notes. Fractional bit reduction provides smooth changes and a broader range of sounds. Input and output gain controls work with all input signals and give you saturated distortion or dying battery fuzz sounds.

I’m a huge fan of bitcrushers and the panicked weirdness they bring to a board. I hope to check out their Bitmap in the near future myslef. What about you? What do you own from Red Panda.

Leave a review on Pedal Finder for the benefit of us all or just leave a comment below.

Here’s a demo of the Bitmap!

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