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epigze audio logoEpigaze Audio’s Josh Alley has been busy since launching his effects pedal company in 2013. Originally starting out in Charlotte, North Carolina, he moved to Kentucky sometime around February of 2015. Operating an effects company is difficult enough, but doing so in the middle of a move must have been a hectic affair. But, Josh doesn’t seem like the type of person to shy away from work. Since 2013 he has created at least 10 unique effects ranging from boosts, delays and, of course, fuzzes.

Josh launched his company with the Earthrise VIII, his “answer to the overdriven sounds we all love. Based around a vintage classic without the huge vintage price tag; from subtle overdriven tone and boost to a medium stage vintage voiced drive.” In the FAQ section of Epigaze’s website Josh explains that the creation of the ER8, “represented launching Epigaze Audio into existence and I wanted a name that had a meaning for that. I love everything to do with space. I spend more time listening to lectures on cosmology, quantum physics, and planetary science then anyone I know. The golden age of US space exploration is very inspiring for me, so I wanted to name the pedal after the Apollo missions. I wasn’t sure which one and then I had the idea to create a family of pedals named after Apollo missions.”

Following his initial creation, Josh has produced an array of circuits that represent his exploration into the great, electrical unknown with pedal like:

Effigy: Effigy offers classic clean digital delay tones without all of the bells & whistles, and leaves you with the bare essentials to accentuate your playing. epigaze audio effigy

Neutrino: The Neutrino is a deluxe boutique boosted buffer pedal that restores your signal loss between long cable runs and/or many true bypass pedals.

Earthrise XI: The Earthrise XI take the sound of the Earthrise VIII and adds more tonal versatility.

Singularity: The goal with the singularity was simple, a Tone Bender built with quality components, germanium transistors, standard center negative 9v DC jack, LED indication, true bypass, stunning graphics, and a smaller board footprint.

Custom Shop Singularity: he Custom Shop Singularity gives you complete control of the bias for each of the three transistors to tailor your fuzz to your liking. From smooth, gated, and borderline octave fuzz tones.

Neutrino Quark: The Neutrino Quark is a simple boutique buffer pedal to give your signal the boost it needs before heading to your pedal board.

Monoceres: The Monoceros 838 Echo is a vintage style echo in a digital format.

Supercluster: The Supercluster is a vintage style optical compressor with some modern changes.

Spacetime: The Spacetime is a dual normally open output tap tempo with a Soft-Touch footswitch.

If you have some time, check out this builder! And don’t forget that we have a giveaway going on right now for an Outlaw Effects Boilermaker Boost with a Rattlesnake Cable bonus! If you own any of these Epigaze Audio pedals, just leave a review online and you are entered to win! Enter as many times as you can leave a review. It doesn’t get any easier than this. Tell your friends. Then watch this demo of the Earthrise VIII.

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