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Boilermaker Outlaw EffectsWe’ve been working hard at getting new builders into our database and learning about new pedals. We noticed that It’s been awhile since we’ve had a pedal giveaway, so we are excited to get these rolling again. I can tell you right now that we have back to back giveaways coming up with great pedals from exciting builders. So stay tuned to get in on your chance at winning. To kick us off we have a pedal from a builder that is no stranger to us all: Outlaw Effects.

Outlaw Effects is the company that works hard to, “give you the tools to create big, bad, boutique tone at prices that are almost criminal.” All of their analog pedals come in micro-sized boxes with staggered inputs/outputs to ensure they take up the least amount of space. Made of ultra-durable aluminum alloy and top-of-the-line components, these pedals are ready to go on the road. And, every stomp they make has true bypass switching. These guys have a really extensive line of pedals that cover all the bases — and the prices will bring a smile to your face. And, back in April, they  brought a big smile to Hunter S. of Bayonne, NJ’s face when we announced him the winner of their 5 O’clock Fuzz. Now we have a Boilermaker Boost that’s up for grabs.

The Boilermaker is a pedal new for 2015. It provides 20db+ of pure, pristine, transparent boost. This versatile pedal allow you to tweak, tweak, tweak with it’s two ±15dB active EQ controls. You can use it to add harmonic content, enhance your tube amp or any other effects in your chain, or simply strengthen your signal. Like all of the pedals in their line, it’s housed in a durable case, road ready and sized appropriately and efficiently in a miniature housing. This would be a great addition to any pedalboard. Check out the demo:


Ok, so this is the part where you learn how to get in on the giveaway. First and foremost, huge thanks to Outlaw Effects for offering this great pedal up! Like I mentioned before, they are doing amazing things with effects, so make sure you like them on Facebook, check ’em out on Twitter and obviously visit their site!

We had some really great responses the last time we asked for reviews. Not only did people like leaving them, but lots of folks are finding value in the additional information about the reviewer, like genre of music they play, the amp they play, etc., so we decided to do that again. Every review you submit will get you one entry to win the Boilermaker Boost.  There is nothing easier or more fun than telling other musicians about the effects you own or have played. And, what about those pedals you got rid of? Let everyone know why it is no longer on your board and why it was replaced. You can do all of that at Pedal Finder. Just look for the pedals you have, visit the detail page and leave a review. It’s that easy! If you need a refresher on how to leave a review so it counts for an entry into the giveaway, check out our How To Leave A Pedal Review primer. If you don’t need the primer then click here to start leaving reviews!

On October 7 at 2pm MST we will pick a random entry. We will email the random entry to confirm. The random entry will have 24 hours to respond. If the 24 hours passes and we don’t hear back, we repeat the process until we confirm a winner. And remember, this contest is open to everyone – even our visitors outside the United States.

Again, you can submit reviews and gain entries into the contest until October 7th (Wednesday) 2PM MST.


I am super excited about our bonus this time around. I’m sure many of you are aware of Rattlesnake Cable Company, a cable builder working out of Missoula, Montana. They have offered up this giveaway’s bonus: A 15′ Standard Cable with Straight Amphenol Plugs wrapped in a heat and abrasion resistant outer weaving. You get to pick the color of the weaving: red, black, sage, dirty tweed, blue or mean green. This is a custom guitar cable built specifically for the winner. Not only are these well crafted cables, but they are also gorgeous.

To become eligible for this bonus, you just need to make sure you are signed up for the Pedal Finder Newsletter. If we see that you are receiving the newsletter when you are announced the winner – you get the Outlaw Effects Boilermaker Boost and the Rattlesnake Cable. A good day indeed. Signing up for the Newsletter is easy, just skip over to here and fill out your name and email.

Finally, if you want to see a video that offers an insight into the science and wisdom behind Rattlesnake Cables, check out this Nick Jaffe review:


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  1. Love to have this to give to my husband for his birthday, to add to his collection.

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