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vick audio v-2 reviewPete Cornish has been called the “inventor of the pedalboard.” As a long-time designer of guitar effects, he is most known for the custom pedalboard creations he’s crafted for musicians such as David Gilmour, Pete Townshend, Lou Reed, Andy Summers, Brian May and so many more. Back in the day when folks were using one pedal at a time and working closely with their amps to define their tone, Pete was one of the few leading the charge in favor of multi-effects chains in order to sculpt new guitar tones.

Somewhere in the midst of his adventures, Pete Cornish developed the G-2. According to the Cornish website, the G-2 “has been hailed as the most original sounding distortion unit available to guitarists in the Rock Arena. It features a four stage overdriven discrete transistor Class A circuit with additional Germanium components that generate much warmer sounding harmonics than anything else on the market. Within the huge tone generated by this unit, the original guitar sound and dynamics are present creating a much more musical effect than any other distortion pedal.” This pedal is still in production and you can order one at the website above. Each one is hand-built, wired and tested by Pete and Linda Cornish. Pretty sweet!

Recently, I saw that the owner/designer of Vick Audio – Mike Vickery – had designed a spin-off of the G-2. He’s calling it the V-2. Mike is quick to explain that he doesn’t like to do reproductions of pedals that are still in production, but that he wanted to make an exception for a few reasons. First, he wanted to create a similar circuit to the rich sounding G-2 at a lower price point (the V-2 lists at $139.00). He also realized that finding a G-2 could be difficult. The flip side was that he also wanted to add his own thoughts to the design. As a result, the V-2 is a true-bypass pedal that uses Bat41 silicon clipping diodes instead of the original germanium diodes. The result is a unique overdrive/distortion with familiar nods to the G-2 classic.

Mike has this to say on his website,

The V-2 is a great sounding distortion/overdrive circuit with plenty of headroom and sustain.  At the lower sustain settings you get great overdriven tones with excellent harmonic.  At the higher sustain settings you get full on singing distortion reminiscent of the cranked Marshall amp used by so many of the famous British Rock groups of the 70’s.

If you’re looking for a variant on the G-2 then Vick Audio might have just what you’ve been dreaming about. Let us know if you get to play either the G-2 or the V-2. We’d love to hear about your experience. Until then, here’s a demo:

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