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butterworth pre ampEven if your music is heavy, your gear shouldn’t be. I mean scientifically, yes, you need big magnets to drive most speaker cabinets and big magnets are heavy and thus your amplifier and cab end up weighing a ton. But, this is why we invented Roadies. They are good at carrying big heavy things so that you still have enough energy to rock the crowd that shows up. Roadies are also good at the science thing, so they can make you sound good even on your worst night. But, I’m getting off track. My point is that carrying around a bunch of gear sucks – especially if you are a Roadie. But, ButterWorth Electronics is trying to lighten your load with their new trio of full tube high voltage preamp pedals.

Their goal is to put a “quality tube tone in a 1 pound package” and they have a kickstarter to help get them there. Their goal is $50,000, which Would help them meet some of the minimum orders for laser etching, assembling and having the vacuum tubes created. The circuits are done and ready to rock. It’s time to get the raw materials and start bringing these tiny tube wonders to life. And, just what is the promise in the box? Here is the general description from the site:

Each Preamp runs off of a 12VDC input barrel jack (Working out the specs for those of you that run on 220V mains). Each one has a 1/4″ input and output jack (2 input jacks on the Blackbass). There will be venting milled into the chassis to the left and right of the kickswitch in order to see the glow of the tubes as well as and LED will illuminate the tubes when the circuit is on. This is different than your standing LED in a bezel showing through the top face of the chassis.

There are three that they are working on getting into your hands; the Ivy League, the Blackbass and the 800. They describe them like this:

Ivy League: Inspired by the classic and coveted tone from some of the original Class A tube amps. This preamp features a bright switch and a channel select switch to give you four classic sounds. It also sports simple controls for volume, bass, treble, and gain. The circuitry provides you with a simple, streamlined design to meet your needs.

Blackbass: When searching for tweed tones from the 50’s, look no further than this model without taking out a loan for it. This preamp provides you with a 3 band EQ inspired by the classics. Not only do you get 2 separate input channels with individual volume controls (just like the original tweed amps) but you can also use the switch to reduce the signal 6dB and give it a warmer tone.

800: This beefy little preamp gives you the full tube distortion and coloration reminiscent of a classic British 100W head. Like most preamps, we have given you a classic tone stack to control your bass, mid, and treble. While most amplifiers give you control of one gain stage with a fixed second, we give you full control of both the pre-gain and the post-gain which allows you to boost your treble frequencies and emphasize your low mids.

It’s all very cool and well worth the investment. Having built pedals before, these folks seem to know what they are doing and from what you can hear, they sound great. So keep your eyes peeled and let us know if you’ve had any run-in with any of their other gear.

Before you click to watch the video below, I’d be remiss if I didn’t remind you that right now you can win a Boilermaker Boost by leaving reviews of your pedals at Pedal Finder. You can find out more details by visiting here — or you can just go straight to the site and start going!


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