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magnetic effects white atom mkiiIt doesn’t seem like that long ago we were talking about the Magnetic Effects Solar Bender, their take on the famous Tonebender MK II circuit complete with NOS PNP germanium transistors and Reverse Polarity Circuit. That pedal was a bucket full of fuzz with lots of granular controller able to ebb in and out of controllable feedback easily. Now, they’ve released an update to their White Atom Fuzz they are simple calling the White Atom. This is the MKII version and the differences are many.

The updated circuit in this new pedal has an”improved range and response” and the tone control has been modified to give the user a greater depth of control. Unlike the White Atom Fuzz, the MKII version has input and output jacks along with the DC socket mounted on the top. This is a welcome adjustment to many types of applications. On the outside, the MKII has 4 controls: gain, texture, tone and volume. The texture volume is the one to watch out for on this pedal. It “changes the feel and response” of the fuzz. When you use it in conjunction with gain and tone, you can take your fuzzy tone to new and interesting places. Tight or wide – this pedal is a modern take on a classic circuit that is sure to slip into any board.

Here is the full range of features from the website:


– Volume, Gain, Tone and Texture controls

– High input impedance and low output impedance

– 9V battery or 9V DC centre negative adapter powered

– True Bypass switching

– Reverse polarity protection

– Top mounted Jacks and DC socket

– Individually selected and tested Silicon and Germanium transistors.

– 100% Handmade

Here’s a sample of what the White Fuzz MKII has to offer you and your sound:

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