Monday Pedal Finder Updates

Pedal Finder GiveawayThere’s a lot of action going on around Pedal Finder right now, so we thought we would take a moment to remind and update.

First off, the giveaway for the Outlaw Effects Boilermaker Boost ends on Wedensday October 14th – that’s this Wednesday. Entering for the contest is easy and unlimited. We are asking for pedal reviews on the Pedal Finder website. We know that our members, old and new, have sampled, played and purchased a ton of gear over the years. We want to put those experiences into a searchable database for other to benefit from. So please, take the time put your opinions forward and get a chance to win this great boost pedal from Outlaw Effects. In addition to the Pedal, if you are signed up for our newsletter AND randomly selected as the winner, you will receive a 15′ Rattlesnake Cable as a bonus.¬†This is a custom cable built for you. You even get to pick the color!

Learn more about how you can still enter to win here.

Item B: We are currently¬†looking for bands to showcase on Pedal Finder. We want to see and learn about the effects you are using and in what ways. The heart of Pedal Finder is the people making music and building effects. The gear is secondary. We thought this would be a good way to connect the members to one another and give a shout out to all the great music being made in basements and garages around the world. So don’t be shy. Tell us about your band and we’ll get it up on the site. You can learn more about getting your band on Pedal Finder here.

Thirdly, we wanted to put out a call for reviews on the Celestial Effects Aries Beast Distortion for an upcoming article we have on that specific pedal. If you have this on your board or you’ve played it in the past, go ahead and leave a review on Pedal Finder. If you have any stories about using the Beast or a specific experience playing it live that doesn’t fit in the review format, feel free to email us and tell us all about it. Much appreciated.

Thanks to everyone that’s submitted information and to all of you that intend to!

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