How Would You Use The Harmonic Decoder?

We are getting lots of great new reviews during our Sunsine Audio Limited Edition Gold Harmonic Decoder giveaway. If you haven’t heard about it yet, the Harmonic Decoder “can sound like a fuzz, an octave/harmony pedal, a filter/wah, a complex waveshaper or some crazy bent 8 bit glitch box.” Three knobs, one toggle, one switch and tons of control allowing you to paint a plethora of tonal landscapes. A nice addition for the ‘board that has everything.

Here’s a demo that frankly brings home a part of the description better than any words can express:


When you take a look at what people are saying about the Decoder around the web you find a great deal of praise:

  • “Love the shit out of this – Holy crap!!!”, Tim Hawkins on YouTube
  • “Wow – is this the first genuinely new effect in years? (not new tech, but newly applied to musical audio?) Sounds really cool.” Astro Spy on
  • “If you are looking for something different and a tool that will help get those creative juices flowing check this out!”, Musical Gear Fast on YouTube

These are just a few of the positive responses that are coming out in the comments sections of websites.

What’s really interesting about this pedal, is its range of function and its versatility. But, sometimes versatility can breed confusion. With a wide array of functions, some musicians have a hard time determining how they would put the Harmonic Decoder to use in their sound. Because the pedal has the ability to produce such odd tones and glitch-tastic static, there are those that feel it doesn’t have a place on their board. And, it’s not just the Harmonic Decoder, but dozens of other atmospheric pedals like it that are currently on the market.

So our question to you today is, how would you use the Harmonic Decoder in your lineup? What function would it play on your board and in your tone?

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  1. I would use this for some insane, long, slow, glitchy synth-like leads!

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  2. I like to do insturmental music, so I’m open to using any pedal. Having said that, I’m not so sure I’d use this one, unless I was doing my version of “Metal Machine Music” (bonus points if you know what I’m talking about). Does this pedal have an “Effect Level” control?

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  3. I would start by putting it in line with my ditto looper. I would find a great lick to jam with and build from there.

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  4. Using my double-bass and a bow, I’d send some dub-step type wailing androidic drones into a looper — once the loop is created, I’d go back and lay down some harsh metallic ring-modulator-like tone for some spastic pizzicato lines babbling like demented robots over top the cyborgian drones being looped — then lace it all with delay that goes into self-oscillation for a glorious feedback crescendo and hit the killswitch on everything.

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