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fuzzoutOhm Made Electronics builds guitar effects out of Leavenworth, Washington. The company consist of the duo Tyler and Danielle who have created a new Fuzz that they would like to release to the world. They personally invested $10,000 of their own capital and they are looking for another $9,500 via Kickstarter to put out 100 limited edition Fuzz Out Pedals. Here’s what they have to say about their effect pedal pursuit:

  • Each pedal is hand-wired on turret boards that we custom make here in our shop in Leavenworth, Washington.  That means there are no PCB’s in the FUZZ OUT!
  • There will only be 3000 FUZZ OUT! pedals built each year.
  • 90% of the parts that make up the FUZZ OUT! are made in Canada, Mexico and the United States.  We are trying to reduce the impact long-distance shipping has by sourcing our materials locally.
  • Parts were selected based on tone and durability.  We prescribe to the theory that quality parts make a quality product, and we take pride in the products we make for you to enjoy.  A lot of time was spent researching component values and construction to produce the highest quality product.
  • The FUZZ OUT! circuit is influenced from two vintage plug in units; A British distortion circuit and an American fuzz circuit combined to bring you a uniquely compressed fuzz tone that has a rare vintage flavor to it.
  • Parts will be ordered the day the goal is met, allowing ample time for manufacturing and holiday shipments worldwide.
  • Help support local small businesses and American made goods this holiday and get Fuzzed out with Ohm Made Electronics!

As with most Kickstarter campaigns, there are a slew of sponsorship levels, but the one you want to know about is the $175 level that gets you one of the pedals delivered to your home. I’m always happy to see new folks taking up the mantle of developer/builder. Only time will tell if their box has the goods to make it onto center stage, but if you want to help out – now is the time. Here’s their video that gives you more information about what they are trying to accomplish. Here is their Kickstarter Page



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