Dr. No RoadRunner Octave Fuzz Wah Flying Machina

dr-no-flying-fuzz-wahIt’s crazy the ripple effects both large and small, created by acts of terrorism. The tragic events in Paris this last month not only effected the lives of Parisians, but those of us all over the world. You may have known someone close to the event or you may do business with suppliers abroad. Either way, the senseless violence that took place that night is still being felt weeks after. Such is the case with Dr. No and their new pedal: the RoadRunner “Octave Fuzz Wah Flying Machina“, which was created in collaboration with Eagles of Death Metal guitarist Dave Catching.

If the band sounds familiar, it’s because Eagles of Death Metal were playing a show in a club where the terrorists attacked. None of the band members where among those killed or injured that night, but needless to say, the band has been on hiatus since. This hiatus came just before the official release of the Octave Fuzz Wah Flying Machina was to occur at a yearly festival in the Netherlands called Speedfest nov 21st. It was here that the Eagles of Death Metal planned to perform. Dave and Dr. No had worked for months on their release at this event, but the release party was cancelled for good reason.

The RoadRunner is a wah, painstakingly hand crafted with an attention to detail and flair for design that Dr. No is renowned for. It is a new sonic and engineering marvel, where Dave Catching and Dr. No have been working on intensively over the past year. A high end Old School Fuzz Wah with Octavia, with breathtaking cosmetic design and never done before techniques and features. And, it’s also a flying machine…according to the press release.

In response to the attacks in Paris, Dr.No and Dave will be donating the profits from the Dave Catching RoadRunner to The Sweet Stuff Foundation which was founded to give assistance to career musicians, recording engineers and their families struggling with illness and disability. At the moment they give special attention to the victims of the terrorist attack in Paris. Offer runs till December 31th. Get yours now and don’t forget to leave a review at Pedal Finder!

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