Fredric Effects: Deeply Unpleasant Companion

fredric-effects-deeply-unpleasant-companion-shin-ei-FY2-clone-2015Lot’s of folks will argue that bass effects are in essence, just guitar effects. As in, why bother creating unique circuits for the guitars lower-register sister? I think good arguments can be made on both sides of the isle, because ultimately tone is tone – regardless of how you get it. But, no one can deny that the bass is it’s own beast – lower register, different frequencies, bleed offs, and such. So creating a pedal able to deal with those unique attributes makes sense. Especially for those who find faults in general guitar effects when it comes to their bass. If you are one of those folks who wants your circuit tailored to 4 instead of 6 strings – then Fredric Effects has a pedal that will make you feel all warm and fuzzy.

The Deeply Unpleasant Companion is a fuzz based on the Shin-Ei FY-2 Companion Fuzz. The folks at Fredric Effects built this new box at the request of their bass playing fans. They have this to say about it on their site, ” We’ve modified [the¬†Shin-Ei FY-2 Companion Fuzz] circuit to preserve more of the low frequencies and added a clean blend function. So you can mix the clean signal with the fuzz according to taste. The buffers used in the blend circuit also have the added bonus of bringing a touch more clarity to the fuzz than the standard Unpleasant Companion, while retaining its uncompromising character! Like the Unpleasant Companion, this pedal also features a volume boost circuit to avoid the volume drop characteristic of vintage Shin-Ei FY-2 pedals. Although designed with the bass player in mind, this pedal also sounds great on electric guitar – especially when used with distortions and overdrives.” Using a bass effects pedal with an electric guitar! Sounds like a new reason to argue!

Fredric effects has a bunch of cool pedals out there including the Foxrite MKII (a take on the 60′ Mossrite Fuzzrite) which we reported about eons ago! So go ahead and check these folks out and see what they have to offer. As always, leave a review of anything of theirs you get your hands on, so we all know what to expect should the time ever come. As usual, here’s a demo:


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