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raygun-fx-logoOne of our favorite activities here at Pedal Finder is finding out about and engaging with builders. We didn’t make any New Years Resolutions for 2016, but we did make a few promises to ourselves when it comes to Pedal Finder – which we believe are a lot easier to keep! One of those is to double our efforts in discovering and engaging with builders of all sizes. Not only is it our favorite part of Pedal Finder, its also central to our mission to providing in-depth looks at effects and the people who build them. In fact, a few days ago we read a FB post that theorized how the growing number of small ‘garage-based builders’ are watering down the quality of guitar effects currently on the market and we couldn’t disagree more! We are living in a golden age of effects where ingenuity and value have collided to create unprecedented choices in what to lay down before us on our line and we hope to learn about each and every builder making that happen.

Case in point is RayGun FX, a builder we just discovered recently and one that has a huge line of effects. These folks are based in Southend-on-Sea, Essex, UK. They make guitar and bass effects pedals as well as building custom effects to specification with custom artwork. Need some repairs, modifications or a clone of your favorite existing circuit? They’ll do that as well.

On their site you will find no less than 23 effects pedals to choose from ranging from straight forward boosts to multi-effect boxes like the Aurora Lo-Fi Delay Verb and utility pedals like foot switches and tap tempos. Honestly, you could fill up your entire board (sans tuner!) with RayGun FX effects and tackle a lot of different genres with a smile on your face. Pedals like the Super Fuzz Bender MKIII, Soda Drive and Fuel Driver will give you some volume and growl while pedals like the Vintage Tremolo MKII and the Octavia Phuzz will keep your audience listening. Seriously, check out everything they have going on at their site.

It’s builder’s like this that are keeping us excited about 2016 and beyond. Below check out a demo of their Aurora Lo-Fi Delay Verb and for the love of tone – leave some reviews for these guys over at Pedal Finder! Also, don’t forget that we are currently giving away a Celestial Effects Aires Beast Distortion with three simple ways to enter and win!


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