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Pedal FinderI can’t believe we are already half way through the first month of 2016. I feel like I was just drinking champagne a few nights ago in celebration of the new year. My point is, time flies and in the next 350 days Pedal Finder wants to fly with it. We have goals for 2016 that include beefing up our database with builders new and old, talking about and cataloging the latest pedals as well as those from ages past and meeting all the fine folks that are out there putting circuits together and circuits to work. It’s going to be fast paced, hard work, fun and we are hoping you might help.

If you visit this page you will find a list of manufacturers and builders that are currently in the Pedal Finder database. It’s a big list, but it’s far from complete. We want to hear from you on who we should add to this list in 2016. Who needs to be added? Who needs to be interviewed? Who needs to be supported? What pedals are we missing? Let us know what builders you want to know more about or what pedal you think deserves a more in-depth look. We are looking for ideas on who to connect with and who we can help give a voice to in the effects industry. It’s our favorite part after all.

So let us have your ideas and your comments. And don’t forget that we are currently in the midst of a giveaway for an Aries Beast Distortion from Celestial Effects. I know right! Have a great weekend!

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