Penny Pedals: Radio Deluxe Lo-Fi Filter


Located in Milford, Connecticut  is a small guitar and bass effect pedal company focusing on high quality builds and unique designs. The tag line on their site is “in the red since 2006.” In terms of business, being in the red means owing money or being insolvent. Getting out of the red is the primary goal of all businesses and it’s how Black Friday got it’s name: it’s the first weekend where retailers start to see a profit on all their hard work. It might sound odd to tout yourself as a losing business, but I think there is more to this statement. In terms of financial gain, I think Penny Pedals is telling everyone that they do this for the love of the circuit first and for profit later. Secondly, outside the financial world, in the red means your sound, knobs or needles are pegged. Full tilt, straight on, no quarter: uncompromising.

Now. that sounds like a winning business model!

Taking a look at what they have on their site you find some super fun ideas and twists on old standards. You’ll find the Pocket Watch Overdrive, Fingerprint Redux Fuzz, Paper Airplane Fuzz, Cherry Blossom Boost, Fingerprint Noir Dark Fuzz and the Radio Deluxe Low-Fi Filter. Each of those overdrives and fuzzes have their own flavor and unique controls, but I wanted to talk about the Radio Deluxe Low Fidelity Filter, which is getting a penny-pedals-radio-deluxe-1few more settings in 2016.

According to PP, the Radio Deluxe “is strictly to simulate an old Bakelite style Radio, transistor radio, or even a telephone. It’s great to have in the studio or on your live board.” It’s a unique pedal that might not appeal to everyone, but it’ll definitely peak everyone’s interest. The pedal has been out for a while, but according to their Instagram account, it’s getting an update with “two new filter modes for 2016, with the new ‘reception’ switch. 3 way switch adds normal, static and AM. Static creates background noise and crackles like a mis-tuned radio, AM takes things further by actually picking up radio stations. by carefully setting the knobs you can even recreate a tuning dial sound switching stations.”  Sounds like a lot of fun!

I wasn’t able to find a video of the newly updated pedal obviously, but here’s a demo of the Radio Deluxe as it exists below. If you have any Penny Pedals on your board – please leave a review at Pedal Finder for the rest of us. And DO NOT FORGET that we have a contest going on where you can win a Celestial Effects Aries Beast Distortion!


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