Dr. No Evil Motherfuzzer

dr no evil motherfuzzerI noticed that the Dr. No Evil Motherfuzzer was popping up in the news again. This was a pedal that came out around August of 2014. It was a germanium fuzz put together by Dr. No in collaboration with Dutch guitar player Pablo van de Poel – a shredder of some note from the Netherlands. The joint venture on this pedal started around 2012 – two years of working to create, “the best Fuzz of the universe.”

By all accounts they succeeded in their endeavor. Evidence? How about when in October of 2014 (3-4 months after announcing the pedal) they posted on the Dr. No Facebook Page, “The Evil MotherFuzzer was a great success! They are SOLD OUT!!!”

Musicians from all walks may have been drawn to the limited edition quality of this pedal which contained rare parts including, “ultra-rare original germanium transistors” – two AC128’s – and some parts reportedly coming from museums. These are parts that you don’t find on the shelf at any electronics store and at the time they reported collecting this from all over the world. This is also why they only produced 74 units.

So why is it coming back into the news again? My first thought was that maybe they found another stash of parts and were going to make another limited run of this hugely popular pedal. I cruised around the internet and found no evidence of this though. Regardless of why, it seemed like a good opportunity to bring this rare beast back into the light. It’s out there in pawn shops, on Craigslist or Ebay somewhere. If your lucky enough, it’s on your board. If you have one, let us know what you think by leaving a review at Pedal Finder.

Here’s a demo:

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