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magnetic effects satelliteMagnetic Effects out of London, England have a great reputation for building hand wired effects, one at a time. We here at Pedal Finder never miss an opportunity to jump on telling the world about their new offerings every time we hear something is about to be released. In the past we’ve talked about their Solar Bender (actually the update of their Solar Bender – an MKII clone), their Double Feature (a combo circuit with a wah and fuzz!) and the White Atom (MKII fuzz with an improved range and response). Now we have the pleasure of letting you know they have announced the Satellite to add to their line-up.

Branching out from previous builds, the Satellite is an overdrive and boost pedal with a focus of retaining the tonal characteristics of your guitar and amplifier.  Keeping the tone of your guitar and amp intact is a matter of choice obviously, but a good choice to have. Although some musicians crave a sound that belays the instrument creating it, others spend a great portion of their time honing the tone that comes from the symbiotic union between the amplifier and the guitar. In this case, the guitarist uses pedals to provide an organic drive or push to the amp that will cause a natural break-up, not a tone-altering crush and fuzz.

With this pedal you get 4 knobs to control your tone; low, high, volume and gain. According to ME, “The High and Low controls can be configured for an even frequency response or used to smooth the top end and tighten up the low end. The High and Low controls are flexible and well balanced.” With the gain and volume knob you not only get a broad array of overdrive, but you can use the pedal as a booster. The high input impedance and low output impedance means this pedal won’t mess with the chain on your board and will slip in nicely wherever you need it.

Other features include; top mounted Jacks and DC socket, internal voltage doubler for increased headroom, true bypass switching, PV DC centre negative adapter powered, reverse polarity protection. And of course, they are all 100 percent hand-made. Check out their website to learn more and you can also catch up with them at their Facebook page. Leave a review at Pedal Finder if you come in contact with this or any other of their awesome pedals.

Here’s a demo:

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