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anasounds-cerebrusI actually first saw an Anasounds pedal in a friends Facebook or Instagram Post many months back. It was one of those moments where you instinctively stop scrolling because the image your seeing is so unique and striking. With a deep-brown, wood front and a quarter sized hole filled with a wash of aqua light, the Anasound aesthetic is pleasing and enticing.  Turns out that wooden front is actually bamboo – a product (I can only guess) that was used for it’s sustainability as well as it’s rarity and fine looks. Add to this various etchings for additional flair and it’s seriously hard to not just want one instantly.

Having finally taken the time to dig a little deeper into this builder from Nice, France, I discovered that it’s actually two young (at least at the time) entrepreneurs who co-founded Anasounds: Alexandre Ernandez and Magali Goullet. Alexandre started out as an engineering student specializing in digital signal processing. Like many builders, he couldn’t find the pedal to fit his needs so he decided to make it himself. Because the website translated poorly to English (from French) and the only other interview I could find was also in French – it’s a bit harder to determine what specific job Magali has as co-founder. Her translated bio states, in part, “We are constantly working to get a rendering that appeals to musicians. An original and vintage design in accordance with the sound of our pedals.” This could mean that Magali is lending her engineering talents to Anasounds or that she contributes through quality control and inspiration. Regardless of the specifics, they have both succeeded in creating unique pedals with huge appeal both on the inside and the outside.

Their line up of pedals is diverse:

Savage MKII – Centaur Reissue: The Savage, a reissue of the legendary and compelling Klon Centaur! Always so warm and powerful, we have chosen to keep this vintage electronic structure to maximize tone and dynamics.

Bumper – Buffer and Pickup Garnish: The Bumper is a really small pedal but is full of tricks. This buffer recovers all your pure tone, is transparent and let you change your pickup tone !

Utopia – Tape Echo with Modulation: Utopia, the tape echo with modulation.

Freq Up: A clean boost or a crunch + an active equalizer!

Phase Lag: A Phase Lag, a Vibe, a Vibrato or a Tremolo!

Feed Me – BC108 Silicon Fuzz: An ultra thick B108 Fuzz but also not rough so far, it exists? Yes and in addition it is beautiful!

Savage – Centaur Reissue: A completely new Centaur.

Cerberus – Custom Overdrive: A very transparent overdrive with internal and external settings.

If you get to play or own any of these pedals – let us know by leaving a review at Pedal Finder. We’d all sure appreciate it. You can keep tabs on Anasounds at Facebook as well. Here’s a demo of their Cerberus in all its glory.


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