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butcher-pedals-pistol-slapperBack in 2010 a fellow named Jeff Butcher started Maritime Analog. During this time Jeff created a wide range of effects from fuzzes (SSB, Storm Surge and Windjammer) to more utilitarian pedals like ABY’s and everything in-between. In 2015, Jeff decided to pack up the name Maritime Analog and roll out his new identity as Butcher Pedals. The proverbial reset left this builder (located on the east coast of Canada in North Sydney, Nova Scotia) with a line of his two most popular pedals: the Pistol Slapper and the Firing Line MKII Fuzz.

The concept behind Butcher Pedals is to produce small batches of high-quality pedals with familiar, yet unique tones. With 20 years of experience behind him in electronics and circuit design, Jeff brings a bucket-load of experience to his craft. Interestingly enough, Jeff started out in the niche of selling electronic components and parts for others to build pedals with – while building pedals on the side as a secondary method of generating income. It wasn’t long though, before the excitement and satisfaction of creating pedals overcame the mundane nature of selling components. The only natural recourse was to abandon the selling of parts to dedicate more time into creating new tones for musicians.

According to the Butcher Pedals site, Jeff has maintained the Pistol Slapper and the Firing Line MKII Fuzz as the base of his offerings:

Pistol Slapper: The Pistol Slapper is unlike any other booster or overdrive you’ve tried and responds differently than your standard textbook overdrive pedal. The EQ controls operate to shape the tone completely independent of each other. Use it as an EQ pedal, a booster or an overdrive pedal. Works great with amps with limited controls, use it as an extra channel. Use it to brighten a dark sounding amp or darken a bright sounding amp. Add some brightness to your humbuckers or take some of the edge off your single coil pickups.


Firing Line MKII Fuzz: The Firing Line MKII fuzz is a pedal that calls upon the well known and revered Tone Bender MKII circuit of decades past. We updated the circuit for more flexibility and cut some of the overwhelming “woofiness” out of it to make is stand out in the mix better while improving note clarity. It used a trio of vintage N.O.S. low noise and close tolerance germanium transistors to deliver it’s tone and it’s wired negative ground so you can use it with all the usual power supplies. No more being limited to batteries or being forced to use a power adapter just for your fuzz. Plug the Firing Line MKII in with your Boss or Ibanez pedals and just about every other pedal with the same power supply. It’s a true bypass pedal too.
The Firing Line MKII works best when placed first in your signal chain.


In what I’ve seen around the forums and blogs, Jeff and his pedals have received high praise as both Maritime Analog and Butcher Pedals. Absolutely worth checking out, so visit them at their website or on Facebook. And, if you get a chance to play one of Jeff’s creations, make sure you leave a review at Pedal Finder.

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