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cog effects 66 bass overdriveWhen poking around the Cog Effects website I came across a comment by an enthusiastic supporter who issued this statement,”Killer stomp boxes made by a Star Wars fan!” I’m assuming this comment was made in reaction to the Cog Effects very own Grand Tarkin Bass Fuzz. Willhuff Tarkin was the fellow in control of the Death Star and one of the few non-Jedi/Sith who we ever saw order Vader around. He was a skinny, deplorable weasel, but the man had some serious galactic power behind him. I can only assume this is why this Cog fuzz has adopted the name.

Based out of the UK in Sheffield (a city and metropolitan borough in South Yorkshire, England) Cog Effects has a great line of pedals for both bass and guitar. Their main model seems to revolve around creating a deluxe version and then a more streamlined, yet powerful, smaller version for those looking to conserve space on their board. They carry a variety of overdrive, boosts, octaves and fuzzes. You can check out their shop here.

Their latest addition to their line are the Knightfall 66 Bass Overdrive and the Mini 66 Bass Overdrive. Both of these pedals stem from an earlier version of the Knightfall. The Knightfall 66 is the deluxe version of this re imagination and features two Gain knobs that can be switched using the A/B footswitch, as well as a Level knob for each Gain setting to ensure levels can be balanced. The Voice knob alters the low end content prior to the clipping circuit, and the Tone knob adjusts high end after the clipping circuit.

The Knightfall also has a filtered clean channel designed to blend with the overdrive channel in a more natural-sounding way. No more “side-by-side” dry/wet blending, just full-bodied massive tones.

The remastered Mini 66 has a case that is much smaller than the Knightfall, but it still has most all the features of the Knightfall 66. The second channel is removed, and the Voice and Tone knobs are replaced by the Fat and Cut switches respectively. Each switch offers three different settings, allowing the user to find a broad range of easily repeatable settings.

Both of these pedals are available now and we’d love to hear if you get one on your board. Remember that if you do, you should leave a review at Pedal Finder to let the rest of us know what to expect. And don’t forget to visit Cog Effects at their FB page to¬† keep up to date on what’s going on with them. We’ll be working to get their whole line on our site, until then, here’s a demo:


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